Susan B Komen Race for the Cure

Bittersweet Race #3

Why? You might ask. Well, I’m not one to complain but I will not bite my tongue when I feel strongly about something. I can recall the time I told my Grandma “This ain’t no damn downtown” when she took me to “downtown” Madison, WV. I was 5 at the time. 30 years later, ain’t much changed.

I’ll just cut to the chase. I did not like the fact that the sponsors of this race did not do age group prizes. Yes, I understand the purpose of the Race for the Cure is to raise funds. The only prizes given out were:

Top 3 male and female
Top 3 individual fundraiser
Top 3 group fundraiser

These medals are probably less than a $1 when purchased in bulk. I was disappointed after I waited around for an hour and a half in 30 degree temps to not get any recognition. This may sound selfish but is a 450k+ a year salary for the Susan B Komen CEO necessary? I know they make a substantial amount of money off the merchandise and donations. How much of this money is actually going towards finding a cure for this deadly disease? Shouldn’t there be a cure by now with all the millions of dollars raised? No more Susan B Komen events for me.

The sweet part about this race was setting a personal best with a time of 22:01. 1st place age group and #8 woman overall.

Much love to those who are battling cancer, those who have survived cancer and those who have lost loved one’s to cancer. Rest in Peace Alice Smoot-Gentry (Aunt Alice)

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