Prayers to Boston Marathoners

A year ago this tragedy would not have grabbed my attention the way it has today. I would have viewed this bombing as another recidivist wanting to lash out at innocent people. The news of this tragedy hits home because I have love for all my fellow runners. We share a common bond with the transformations and challenges we experience on physical and mental levels. We set goals, we eat healthy, we train and support one another.

I’m not on the 26.2 level and don’t know if it’s in my deck of cards to double down on that bet. I can’t imagine the loses from runners, volunteers, spectators, and organizers who feel the affects by this act of ignorance.  My prayers go out to all the above mentioned. 

This news hits as I was leaving my Podiatrist due to an injury in the joint of my big toe. I tripped over a raised manhole cover on the last 200 yards of my Saturday run.  After three days of pain, I decided to get x-rays to see if I would be running or walking the Derby Mini Marathon. I am determined to be out there even if I have to walk with an orthopedic boot on my foot. 

I’m not letting this tragedy deter me from competing in any race. If anything, I will be running this Derby Mini in memory of the Boston Marathon tragedy. My level 10 pain has become numb as I watch the news and see all the chaos. Hold ya head up Boston! 

*~Kelsie Lou~*

About Kelsie Lou

Teacher on the move.
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