Medals 4 Mettle


One day I was googling “Marathon Finisher Medals” and I came across a story on WLKY about UofL Medical School students donating their medals to pediatric patients with life threatening illnesses. The students make up the only medical school out of 100 chapters to participate in a program called Medals 4 Mettle, or M4M for short.

You can read more about the founder and the history of the program by visiting this link:

Immediately after I read the article, I decided that I would contact the Louisville Chapter of M4M so I could donate my first mini marathon medal. There is not a day that goes by where I take for granted the skills and talents that I’ve been blessed with. It adds more meaning to my running talent if I can use it to put a smile on a child’s face.

The contact for the UofL chapter responded to my email and invited me to a ceremony at the Student Activities Center on campus. He said I was one of the first in the community to reach out to their chapter and the leadership is currently working on ways to increase community awareness. I hope to be a catalyst in the expansion of their M4M chapter. The medals being donated at Sunday’s ceremony were student and patients who had been paired up earlier in the semester. I am pleased that my medal and legacy card will go to another child under care at a later date.

Dr.Isenberg Founder of M4M

Founder of M4M

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