7 Seconds

I made a mistake. For some reason I thought my fastest 5k was 22:44 but it was actually 22:01. I don’t go back and read old blog posts because I’m too busy planning the next one. Something told me to go back and read that October post. Imagine the shock I felt seeing that time! I even Googled the results to verify the time.

The official Throo the Zoo results are posted on River City Race’s website and my time was 22:08. I finished 2nd in my age division, 8th overall woman and 66/1659 overall.

I wonder if chip timing was used because I was standing several feet back from the starting line and my official time should have been a few seconds faster than the race clock. Maybe this is why the awards were not handed out this morning. These seconds make a huge deal when you are running with all your heart and trying to PR. Even with the extra seconds, I still would have fallen short of my goal.

I will post a photo of the age division award when I pick it up. My goal remains the same: sub 22 minute 5k and that will settle any discrepancies!

♥~Kelsie Lou~♥
UPDATED 5/21/13

2nd Place Age Division

2nd Place Age Division

Tom Moran Photography

Tom Moran Photography

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7 Responses to 7 Seconds

  1. That’s my goal too!! However you’re a lot closer to achieving it than I am. Congrats. I also took 2nd in my division! *HIGH FIVE*


  2. kelsnsher says:

    Good job! That’s waay faster then my 5k PR, but everyone needs to have a goal right? Mine just happens to be slower then yours lol


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