Happy Summer!

Most teachers have the benefit of having nice summer vacations.  I do not have that luxury due to teaching at a year round school.  Regardless of the schedule, I absolutely love my job!  Teaching is my fountain of youth.  My students who I affectionately call “Smoodents” make my job so much fun! 

My Smoodents are always asking about my food choices and seeking advice on weight management.  I was reading my friend’s gluten free food blog and came across breakfast banana splits.  I knew right away that I would have to hook up my Smoodents. This is how we brought in the first day of summer:



Thanks for the recipe Karen!  I tweaked it a little but we all enjoyed it! 

♥Kelsie Lou♥

About Kelsie Lou

Teacher on the move.
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1 Response to Happy Summer!

  1. Recipes are made to be tweaked. Your Smoodents are so lucky to have you. The end results look fantastic. YUMMY!! Glad you enjoyed!!


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