Marathon Training Update:

I was not a happy camper last night because I knew my longest run would greet me at 5:30 a.m.  To lighten my mood I decided to pick up a Big Wick 10″ pizza on the way home from work.  It comes with 8 slices and I harmed 5 of them bad boys.  I could have easily eaten the other 3 (greedy) but I knew I would want some the next day. 

I had the perfect little running outfit picked out.  I decided to go with out the bright pink compression sleeves because they didn’t match the new kicks.  Beauty before pain.
I met with the group sans a few regulars and we took off in the dark on a slightly different route to get in those extra miles.  I’ve experienced stepping into darkness and not seeing the path on early morning mid week runs.  It reminds me of the concept of FAITH.  Just go and TRUST that you will land on solid ground. 
We kept a pace of about 9:30 but on those last 5 miles I was ready to get it over with.  With Lori’s lead, I was able to quicken my strides.   I was breaking in some new Asic Gel Flux I caught at the Zappos outlet for $40.  They did really good and will be a potential for my marathon gear.


On my way home, I stopped to grab some ice but by time I got there I came up with this bright idea to take an ice bath.  Wrong move!  I suffered 20 minutes of my life with goose bumps galore.  The a/c had the nerve to kick on as if there was steam coming from the tub.  I did not like the feeling of being in cold water and not being thoroughly clean.  I’m sure the hot shower defeated my ice bath.  In the end it will all be worth it when I complete my first 26.2!

♥Kelsie Lou♥

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5 Responses to Marathon Training Update:

  1. Pizza is the best night-before-a-long-race/run meal. SO much good stuff that the body processes. I do it all the time. YUM!! I’ve never even tried an ice bath. Doesn’t sound like fun. Probably never will. You are so brave. Sounds like you had a fantastic run.


  2. I just did 17 miles too and did an ice bath! I always take a warm shower afterwards, I really think the ice bath helps, even if it is super painful. Great job!


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