The Rugged Maniac- Paoli, IN


I always said I would never do an obstacle course race because of the risk for injury.  In addition, there was a mud race in Michigan where hundreds of people had gastrointestinal illnesses.  Eww right???

My mind quickly changed when Alicia and Jess told me about this Living Social deal for a mud run on my born day.  This would be something new for me and outside the the box.  I’m not a big bday celebration person.  Everyday is special in this oyster I call life!


Alicia did a great job of designing these shirts.  Other Maniacs looked on with envy because we had the best slogan.   This Mud stuff is a big deal.  The parking lot was packed and waves of a 100 or so people left out every 30 minutes.


This race is a 5k with 20+ obstacles which included:

1.  Climbing over ladder walls.
2.  Belly crawling through tunnels.
3.  A mud water slide.
4.  Walking through a creek.
5.  Crawling under barbed wire.
6. Jumping over fire pits.
7. Crossing muddy water on a thin beam.


I couldn’t believe I was doing this stuff.  I only skipped one obstacle because the wood was wet and I didn’t want to slip.  I highly recommend leggings if you decide to try a mud event, otherwise your legs will get scrapes and cuts. 
The showers were a decent temperature and the lines went fast.  The old Asics were tossed in the charity donation pile. 


I had a good time and super excited about the Mayweather fight to top off the day.  I’m multi tasking by uploading this post and waiting for the main event with my Dad at the Cinemark.  18 miler in the a.m., so time is precious. 🙂

“If you don’t give what you doing 100%, then you losing.”
-Floyd Mayweather


Get ’em Floyd!
♥Kelsie Lou♥

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