Taper Down-Jazz it Up

Reality is setting in.  3 more weeks until my 1st Marathon!

Yesterday’s 20 miler was no joke.  It was physically and mentally harder than last week’s 20.  The humidity was horrible.  I have never sweat so much in my life!  I felt like a running paper mache project.

The slower pace did not help.  Every muscle in my body had a story to tell.
My quads talked dirty to me saying things like:

•  Why are you doing this?
•  No more marathons for me!
•  Girl, how are you going to handle 26.2 when you can barely make it through 20?

My mind fought back with:

•  Block everything out and just run!
•  We got this.  Almost there!
•  This is what you signed up for.

“All Hustle, No Luck” helped me reach the zenith of marathon training.  Let the taper time begin! 


A 30 minute ice bath, compression sleeves and a trip to the salon prepped me for my friend’s birthday party at Jazzy Blu. 

Only a true friend would go from comfy Asics to 4in stilletos in the middle of a flood warning. The band was superb.  I enjoyed the jazz cover to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” the most.



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6 Responses to Taper Down-Jazz it Up

  1. kelsnsher says:

    Yay only 3 weeks till you Kill your first marathon!!! If there’s one thing I’ve learned from longer runs and races is “Mind over muscle.” It works most of the time anyway lol


  2. Solid 20 miler! You are SO ready for this marathon!! 🙂


  3. yayyyy ! what one are you running? I ran my first marathon last year and as long as you stick to the training and have a tough head – you got it. Kick some butt 🙂 and enjoy the taper down….. the last week pre-race is the best b/c there are no more super long runs !


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