Last Week of Marathon Training

This morning began with a steady rain and temps only promising mid 50s for the high.  I sat around and waited for a break in the clouds so I could get going.

I had a little attitude to be honest.  I’ve gotten use to my days starting at the crack of dawn and I was in the doldrums until I could execute this last long run.


Since the temps have been in the 40s, I’ve learned to get the Garmin located before I leave out.  No warm up.  Just run out the door before my mind can register how cold it is.  Me no like the cold.

This last long run was just what I needed.  I felt good and confident. I thought a lot about how helpful my running group has been. 

I only took a few sips of my water as I remained focused and kind of showed off for the traffic.  Do you ever straighten up your posture or give a smile to drivers?  I do it all the time.  I always wave at drivers who pause to give me the right of way.


With this sub 8 minute pace, I am confident I can hold the 9:09 pace required to meet my goal of sub 4:00 finish time.  It’s amazing how far I have come in my ability and love for running.


This last week also marks the finalizations of my gear and travel plans.  Today I have been busy customizing my shirt.  BLING BLING baby! 
1.  Pre wash clothing.
2.  Design print.
3.  Print out on transfer paper.
4.  Cut off excess paper.
5.  Peel backing off paper.
6.  Place face up on hard surface with pillow case underneath.
7.  Place tissue paper on design.
8.  Iron on highest setting for a minute or two.
9.  Cool for 2-3 minutes.
10.  Gently pull back tissue paper.

For light fabrics the printing will need to be flipped because it is ironed face down.  Dark fabrics are face up. 

I was a little concerned about the excess white paper because I want to stick to blue and pink as much as possible.  I was pleased to see the white sink in to the pink to give a more blended look. 

If you decide to stud it out, e6000 glue is the best. Get the clear with applicators.  Walmart has the best prices on all the supplies.

I dare you to try it for your next race!


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4 Responses to Last Week of Marathon Training

  1. piratebobcat says:

    Great pace! BTW, me no like cold either. Since temps finally started getting cooler here this past week, I’ve been doing my warm up (dynamic stretching) inside, then like you I can go outside and immediately start running!


  2. fitfoodiele says:

    good luck to you with your first marathon, lady!


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