Change is good!

I’m not talking about change in your pocket.  Change in habits and routine.

This week I will be following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 week 18 as he suggests.  This means I had to get my cross training done on a Sunday which is my preferred rest day.

The Sunday Y group schedule is pretty light and there was no way I was doing a mid day Step or Dance class.  I mosied to the main fitness area to get on a stationary bike.  After 5 minutes I hoped off that bad boy and went the the spin studio.

That other bike was so uncomfortable and just didn’t cut it.  I pulled out the spin bike and made conceited glances in the mirror.


I will miss my Tuesday spin class.  It’s not the same being solo dolo in a bright room with no instructor telling me to “reach down and put in a quarter turn.”

Moving on to this Carb Loading thing.   I can’t see myself gorging down a plate of pasta the day before MCM.  This needs to be a gradual process for me.

The perfect place to start is at one of Louisville’s best kept secrets: Ichiban Samurai. The owner was the manager of a Benihana in metro Detroit.   Get there before 2:45 to enjoy the lunch menu by Mr. Lee and his chefs.


I felt the need to maximize the weekend before I switch back to Ms.Smoot teacher mode.  I made a trip to Deere Farms in Lanesville, IN for some Fall Festivities.   A great way to get my mind off that little event taking place a WEEK FROM TODAY!!!! AYE YI YI!





It was a time of reflection and relaxation.   This past week’s Daily Devotionals have been about the Sower and the Seed (Mathew 13:1-23).

‘Til next time


♥Kelsie Lou♥

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7 Responses to Change is good!

  1. you probably have the *cutest* pumpkin picking outfit I have ever seen…. and change is a good thing, esp. when you can embrace it fully! 🙂


  2. piratebobcat says:

    Yes, people who slurp down a bunch of pasta the night before the race are doing it too late. You need to start building up your carb reserves throughout the week, not all at once. You got the right idea!


  3. You’re supposed to eat a regular portion of whatever carb you normally would eat. If it’s pasta…that’s fine. But keep it to your normal helping. 😀 You’re adorable. Just make sure you are properly fueling this week. It is important to have carby-goodness leading up to the race.


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