Marine Corps Marathon Course Photos

It’s a good thing I took my own finisher photos the day after the marathon.  

MarathonFoto sent me an email to purchase 15 blurry images for 79.99.  The price would be great if the photos were good quality.  I emailed the company and this was the reply:

I apologize for the inconvenience. Some of the frames are blurry due to a camera flaw and we are unable to correct that error.

I knew something was off when there was no watermark.


These are the lastest stats on my placings.  There were 23,480 finishers.  I am very pleased with my performance.  


It’s so cute when my students ask me “Did you win?!?”

Yep. I sure did!

I’ve been speaking in marathon lingo all week. They loaded me up with bananas on my first day back.  Gotta love my Smoodents!

♥Kelsie Lou♥

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6 Responses to Marine Corps Marathon Course Photos

  1. bke161 says:

    You would think charging $79.99 for 15 photos would lead to the ability to purchase a more reliable camera! Great job on the consistent pace throughout!


  2. OMG…those are awful and very blurry photos!! I am also glad you decided to take your own.

    And your students are as awesome as you are!!!


  3. piratebobcat says:

    As a professional TV dude, the I’m 99% sure that the “camera flaw” was actually “user error”. Again, congrats!


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