Overcoming Post Marathon Blues!

Training.  Taper.  Marathon.  Recover.

Then what?

Being on this mountaintop of accomplishment is making me want to keep pushing towards greater heights.


Breaks Interstate Park

The problem is hiking down this mountain and deciding which peak I would like to climb next.  I see a world of opportunity.  I would love to maintain my fitness level and physique.  I have a fear of gaining weight and losing endurance.


VA Natural Bridge Lace Waterfalls

The reason I got into running as an adult was for weight management.  At the age of 15, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease.  My case was published in UofM medical journals due to my age.  A specialist prescribed radioactive iodine.  I will take hormone replacement for the rest of my life. 


Griffith Observatory- LA

My weight can get out of control if I’m not careful.  At 5’7.5″, I have maintained a weight of 145 over the last year or two.  Spinning made me melt 2-3 dress sizes.  Two days before MCM, I weighed 134.  A week after, I went down two more pounds.  The 4-5lb carb load weight gain did not hold true for me. 

I wouldn’t mind getting back to 145 and I probably will.  I plan to add strength training to my schedule along with yoga.  I know they will improve my overall fitness. 


Willis Tower- Chicago

Furthermore, when I train for a fall 2014 marathon I can continue with the weights.  The Hal Higdon plan does not recommend strength training if a runner has not already been doing so.  That’s why I didn’t add it this last training cycle.  My focus was distance.

In the meanwhile, I will keep climbing these mountains and hop a few bunny hills. 


San Gervasio Ruins- Cozumel

I am not afraid to reach new heights.  If the MCM ends up being the greatest of them all, I will always be able to look up and see that peak and hold the joy of what it took to get there.


Camp Horizons- Harrisonburg, VA

Kelsie Lou♥

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10 Responses to Overcoming Post Marathon Blues!

  1. You are so amazing and always have a smile on your face. Keep doing what makes you happy and keep on reaching!! ❤ You inspire me!


  2. elihawkins6 says:

    Just keep locking into goals, that’s the only answer there is. I’m one of those idiots who signs up for the next marathon barely a week out of the last one – because I need to keep my focus on something big and “up and coming”. My family has a history of Graves and Hashimoto’s diseases too… I’m bound for blood testing at every physical to make sure that if I do have something, we catch it soon enough. You are an inspiration. Just so you know. Keep up the training! and always keep it strong.


  3. mom says:

    Love this post. It shows maturity and growth. Continue ,like so many other Black girls, to rock.


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