Keep It Juicy


Juicing has been a daily supplement to my dietary routine following my first marathon.  The immune system is weakened for the first few days of the recovery process. 

I was introduced to juicing over 10 years ago when my Mom handed me a glass of carrot, celery and apple juice.  Since then, I have gone through mostly summer month juicing phases.

I still use the juicer from my first sample.  The model is:  Hamilton Beach 67800.  They have them on Amazon for 40 bucks.  It’s easy to clean and serves it’s purpose. 

My favorite vegetables to juice:

◆  Beets- Good for the blood.  Stimulates the lymph system.   Cleans the liver, gall bladder, kidneys and prostate.

◆  Carrots-  Increases vitality by preventing infections.  Protects the nervous system.

◆  Celery-  High in fiber, magnesium and iron. 

◆ Cucumber-  High silicon content promotes hair and nail growth.

◆ Spinach-  Good for the digestive track. 

I will keep it juicy as long as my body is craving these nutrients.  My energy has increased and my nails are noticeably stronger.

Kelsie Lou♥

About Kelsie Lou

Teacher on the move.
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6 Responses to Keep It Juicy

  1. I want to try juicing…I’m just not sure I’ll do it right. I know so many people who do it though.


  2. I’ve always wanted to make juice and/or smoothies with beets!


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