Thankful for Family & Health


The Lions won!  🙂

I remember working a Thanksgiving Day game as a club level concierge at Ford Field.  That experience granted me a trip to Jacksonville, FL for Super Bowl 39.  I missed Super Bowl XL in Detroit because my student teaching took priority over my part time gig.

The Lions game was put on mute as my family gathered to give thanks for each other’s company and a cornucopia of delicious food.  I don’t eat chittlins but I thought it was fancy how my Aunt Janice labeled them. 

The eldest family member present was my Grandma at age 89.  The youngest family member was my 3 month old, 3rd cousin.  Both just as precious as can be. 

I just added a tribute page about my Nanny and I mentioned giving a person their flowers while they are living.  We went around the table and shared kind words towards my Grandma.

Mom and I were feeling photogenic in our strikingly similar attire.  We have that extra sensory perception thing when it comes to fashion.

No concerns to get to the door buster sales as some stores suggested in the overload of commercials.  In fact, the only door I will be busting is the gym to burn off the carmel cake, peach cobbler and pecan pie I consumed.


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  1. am1ec says:

    Love this post!


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