Holiday Reflections in Florida

This past week in Florida has been a blessing.  The weather has been a lot better than what I had expected.  The Orlando area has been packed!  Magic Kingdom reached capacity and closed at 11am on Christmas Day. 

Crowds do not bother me. I’ve met people from London, South Africa, Novia Scotia and a ton of Michiganers.

I prefer gifts that cannot be wrapped:  Experience,  Opportunity,  Love, Kindness, and Adventure.  I will cherish these memories forever!

A suprise came to me as I followed the navigation to the Nike Clearance center.  This store is different from an outlet.  Basically it’s a deeper discount on merchandise that did not sell in the Nike outlet.  Before the last turn, I saw this beautiful sanctuary.  

Back at Orange Lakes Resort, I was able to catch up on some reading.  My Aunt Sheila who is the Associate Dean of the School of Dentistry at WVU gifted me with this magnificent memoire. 

Jamie’s note to “Dream Big!” has been impactful on my life.  His journey of coming of age, family life, and running across America to benefit wounded veterans is admirable.

As the sun set and temps cooled off (65° 🙂 ) We made our way to the Arabian Nights dinner show.  The tickets were heavily discounted because the show is ending on Dec. 31st.

While speaking with a 17 year employee, I learned that the owner is 78 years old and simply has gotten tired.  He sold the building to the nearby condos and the Arabian Nights building will be demolished.

It’s a good move because the venue is outdated with poor ventilation.   Good thing I was not hungry because they served these struggle dinners.

The modified Christmas act was entertaining.  I nearly split my side laughing at this volunteer audience lady who’s pants split when she mounted the horse.  We later realized it was part of the show but it was still funny.

After Arabian Nights, we stopped in the Nike outlet.  They get new merchandise daily and it was a new store compared to three days ago. 

Christmas is over.  The Cards fans have arrived! 


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4 Responses to Holiday Reflections in Florida

  1. Experiences are much better! 🙂


  2. piratebobcat says:

    Looks like a great trip! They say that Christmas is the busiest day of the year at Magic Kingdom. I remember as a kid being there on that day and it was crazy packed. I’m glad the marathon is in the off season – no lines!


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