Appreciation for Performing Arts

One of my favorite cultural events in Louisville is the River City Drum Corp & Arts Reach Open Mic. 

The KY Center for the Performing Arts is the perfect venue for the creative talent which ranges from poets to rappers to harpists.  The head organizer, Julia Youngblood, does a great job of promoting and keeping the program flowing smoothly.

I was unexpectedly greeted by Joan, a member of my 5:15 a.m. spin class. I almost didn’t recognize her all jazzed up to volunteer in her black suit. 

This evening’s Open Mic consisted of 21 acts in which several people were 1st time performers. 

One piece stuck out because a young lady spoke about the impact of being a foster child and how her life was changed based on the stable home environment she was placed. 

There was a community awareness piece performed by a group called MPMG.  The song addressed one of the most violent shootings from May 2012 in the West End of Louisville.  The MPMG group’s motto is “help your brother.” 

If you live in the greater Louisville area, I highly recommend this family friendly Open Mic.  It’s free and healthy snacks are provided.

The same organizers will be hosting a Keepers of the Dream event next weekend.  Kenny Woods will M.C. the celebration.  He also performed this evening.  Check him out at:

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  1. Love open mics! This one looks awesome!!


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