Staying Connected in The D

The sad part about weekend visits is not having enough time to see everyone.  Sunday was non stop on the go.

I got to see my bro Jason before I went to church.  We play Words with Friends back to back but nothing like a hug and the standard Detroit greeting of “What up Doe?”  Jason is all over the place so that was pure luck to run up on him having breakfast at Coney Island.

On the way to church at Word of Faith, my friend Tajuana called and said she would roll with us.  I was excited to see Malik in person for the 1st time.  He’s still working on the diaper cake I made for his baby shower.

It’s crazy how time flies.  He will be 6 mos on the 27th.

Being at Word of Faith felt so good!  I know it was meant to be because the message was titled “God’s Gym.”

A few notes:

●Faith it ’til u make it.

●Keep it tight in your mind and body.

●Minor on the minors, major on the majors.

●If u skip the huddle, you will miss the play.

●Better to stay connected with people who have some issues than disconnected and alone.

●Go out of your way to be friends with wise people. 

After church, Nylia and I headed to Fridays to lunch with my friend Aaron.  We used to work together as Lifeguards for the City.  We haven’t seen each other in 10 years but managed to K.I.T.  It felt great to be in the presence of good company. 

I’m so mad we didn’t take a pic.  He’s all grown up now hunting deer, rabbits and moving up to black bears. He needs to clear out some of these deer in KY. 🙂

Next stop was to my Aunt Mary’s.  I had to do the stand up and twirl around so she could see all my, or lack thereof assets.  She wanted to know how I stay so slim and what size I wear.  We have the same talk every time.  Gotta luv her.

My last stop as it was getting dark was to Phil Jr.  He’s the oldest and most outgoing of the bunch.  His basement is like a sports bar because he loves to entertain.  I had to do another “stand up and let me look at you.” 

He swears I’m too skinny and I need to eat some pork chops and gravy and this and that.  He pulled out a framed photo of me and said I need to get back “thick.”

I’ll take the hair but not the extra weight…well maybe, just no stomach.

Finally, on Monday we had 2 stops.  1st to see the Heidelberg project.  I have been visiting this art project by Tyree Guyton for almost 2 decades.  Each time is something different.

It disturbed me to read in the news how the project was being destroyed by an arsonist.  It’s one of my favorite places in the city.









No way I could leave the D with out something yummy for the road.  My Sis In Law told me to try Wheat and Rye’s corned beef.  It was tasty but not better than the Bread Basket or Lou’s Deli.

Where will life take me next? 


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  1. Malik is too cute! Glad to hear you had a good weekend!


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