Flip the Calendar

February got away from me not doing any races!  When I started blogging,  my goal was to complete one race a month.   My heart was not in to running Louisville’s biggest race for February,  the Anthem 5k.

I set a 5k PR in Orlando for December.  I placed #3 overall woman in Detroit’s sub zero windchills in January.  I deserved a month off from “On your mark.  Get set. GO!”

Let’s flip the calendar to a new month and updated classroom decor. My Smoodents wanted to change the Valentine’s Day decor the Monday after the chocolates, roses and teddy bears made their rounds in school.  We stuck it out until the 27th and went green.


The month of March also puts Nylia seven weeks closer to meeting her half marathon goal.  She has managed to get in mid week runs after school with out my assistance.  Her long runs are up to 7 miles.  Run/walk intervals has been her preferred method of training.

She’s gotten over the “people are watching me” syndrome.   I told her not all passersbys are perverts.   Some people admire, wish they were running, or offer encouragement with a horn toot.  While people are watching, show them how it’s done!

Upcoming races:

March 22- Papa John’s 10 miler.
March 29- Run the Bluegrass Half.
April 5- Ali Shuffle 10k.
April 19- KY Derby Festival Half.

♡Kelsie Lou♡

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10 Responses to Flip the Calendar

  1. bke161 says:

    Looks like some fun races coming up. I want to make it to the KY Derby Festival Half one year soon.


  2. I heard the Anthem 5K was a horrible experience due to traffic and the new start point. YIKES!


  3. Go crush it girl! Love all of the races you have comin up!


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