Bluegrass Sass

I was so thrilled to register for the “prettiest half marathon in the country.”  I had a personalized bib of “KelsieLou” and was assigned to the 1st wave of runners. 


Not this time

The Run The Bluegrass Classic will not include me as a finisher.  I had to transfer my entry due to last minute plans.  This is the 1st race I’ve registered for and will not participate.

No bonus medal at the KY Derby 1/2 finish line. 
Boo hoo.  I will also miss the Ali Shuffle 10k.  It’s only 20 bucks for those of you who want to “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.”

*moment of silence*

OK, I’m over it!  Stay dry out there. I hear the weather is calling for thunderstorms.  Ouch!

In other news, the Bluegrass State is divided because of the showdown between UK and UofL.  So far, Blue gear is dominating at the workplace.  Let’s see if they dominate the court!

♡Kelsie Lou♡

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10 Responses to Bluegrass Sass

  1. Oh dang! Sorry you are not able to run it. Sounds like it would have been fun! There’s always another race.


  2. piratebobcat says:

    Bummer about the race! Hopefully it’s all for the best. Can’t you trash talk your UK friends by mentioning how their coach knocked up someone on a table in a restaurant?


  3. kelsnsher says:

    First of all I’m sad you won’t be running tomorrow. Even if you’d be 2 (or possibly more) waves ahead of me haha. I’m so torn between staying up late to watch the whole UK-UofL game or going to bed at a decent hour to wake up early and run…decisions, decisions!!!


  4. love your blog! I nominated you for the fantastic four award
    Check it out here


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