Attitude of Gratitude

Last Wednesday, I had the opportunity to attend a Louisville Bats game and buffet dinner.  The event was to celebrate a successful 2014 YMCA Annual Campaign.


The fellowship with people who have become an extended family for me was amazing.  I spent the most time with spinning and running buds Robie and Steve.  We got on the topic of this book called Learning to Dance in the Rain.


I ordered it Friday from Amazon and received it Sunday.  (Way to go USPS!)

I was able to apply a mindset of gratitude as soon as I walked into my classroom/computer lab today.  The Smoodents were complaining about how wet they were and all the rain.  My reply was, “I’m glad its not snowing.”

I told them we should play “The Glad Game” which is one of the nine tips for dancing in the rain.  No matter if you are going through a dark cloud, sprinkles, thunderstorms or a hurricane these steps help you see things differently:

♡ Be thankful for what didn’t happen.
♡ Leave your troubles at the door.
♡ Forgive.
♡ Look for the lesson in every trial.
♡ Make gratitude a habit.
♡ Express gratitude.
♡ Teach others how to be grateful.
♡ Create your own future.
(pg. 59)

If my only purpose in being a campaigner for the Y was to hear about this book and be able to apply it, then I am grateful for the opportunity.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.

I want to jump ahead and express how grateful I am to have a strong and supportive Mother in my life who has my back no matter what!  A co-worker/friend of mine always said, “You should give a person their flowers while they are living.” 


♡Kelsie Lou♡
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13 Responses to Attitude of Gratitude

  1. cardamone5 says:

    Hey Kelsie Lou:

    Love this post. So upbeat and wonderful. Thanks.



  2. Deb Sexton says:

    Steve shared your blog post with me and I just wanted to say it was so much fun to meet you and get to know you at the Bats game and dinner. You and everyone we were with are such positive inspirations. Love what you shared about what your co-worker/friend said, “You should give a person their flowers while they are living.” Sometimes we forget to do that in life and only after someone we love and care about is gone, do we realize that very thing. Thanks for such a positive blog and thoughts.
    Deb Sexton


    • KelsieLou says:

      It was nice meeting and spending time with you as well. It’s refreshing to see spouses support one another and spend quality time together. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.


      • Deb Sexton says:

        Please tell Nyla we say hello. It was fun to meet her and really impressed she did the mini marathon. It was fun to see her medal.


        • KelsieLou says:

          I sure will! She has it proudly displayed on her bulletin board and I know I’ve seen her wear the race shirt at least twice since the race. I’m glad to surround her with positive people like you and Steve.


  3. Alice Smoot says:

    Strong Moms make extra strong Dauhgters!


  4. piratebobcat says:

    Great attitude! Your students are lucky they have you!


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