St.Matthews Street Festival 5k Recap


I’ve been wanting to switch it up on the races this year.  I skipped Throo The Zoo last weekend.  I’m glad I did because the runners got soaked in the rain!

I’m always mindful of my running budget too.  A $20 entry fee is a no brainer if it’s an event I want to do.  People often ask me, “Do you have to pay to run those races?”  They begin to understand when I explain the race swag, food, beverages, shirts, medals and overtime for police escorts.

After my last two races being half marathons, I wanted to do a speed trial and attempt a personal record.  I only told a handful of people about my PR goal and I thought about the accountability I owed to them all.  Sometimes I share goals, and other times I do not. 

Packet pickup was at Ken Combs Running Store.  I have never been there and I was impressed with the variety of merchandise.  The St.Matthews Street Festival 5k race shirt was a nice change from the typical neon colors.


Race morning weather called for low winds, partly sunny, low humidity and 48° at the race start.   Perfect!

The St.Matthews Baptist Church parking lot had plenty of spaces available when I arrived about 15 minutes before start.   There were signs leading to the restrooms inside the church.  I took a look around and it’s a place I would like to visit for service.  


Around 7:55, we were told to head towards the start line.  I jumped about 3 rows back from the timing mat.  I spoke to Lynn Reidling who I totally admire.  At the age of 52, she places overall 1st for nearly every 5k in the area.

At 8:00, we were told there was a wiring problem with the mat and the start would be delayed for a minute or two.  I was glad because my Garmin was taking forever to get a signal. Some runners did run ups but I was warmed up from a light jog around the church.

8:03 is the time we started and I got a gps signal.  Perfect timing.

I felt strong at the start as I took my first turn.  I passed Lynn but I knew the lead would be short lived.  She has a short stride and swings her arms low around her belly button.  Regardless of her style,  Lynn gets down!  Needless to say, she passed me in a half mile. 

Lynn’s fast feet didn’t damper my spirit.  I did a double take when I saw 6:34 for my first mile split.

The course followed a residential route and there was a water stop at the half way point.  We had several elevation changes on this short course.

Mile 2 took forever to reach.  My Garmin finally beeped at a 7:22 split.  I knew I had to hold tight for a PR.  I thought about the work I do in spinning as I owned the last hill.

I was passed by 5 guys and I was OK with that.   A volunteer announced: #3 Woman! 

I thanked her and I saw 2.65 on my Garmin.  I thought about the 8.0 speed I finish my treadmill runs with, and I knew I had it in me to slay this last half of mile.

I was looking for the street Grandview.   Where is Grandview?


I make a turn and I see the church!  21 minutes and some change was on the digital clock.  I sprinted to the finish as I showed no mercy towards 3 of the 5 guys from earlier. 

My previous record was 21:52 set in December 2013 down in Florida.

I am so happy to report my official results!

PR of 21:35
Age group place:  #1
Women’s Division:  #3
Overall place:  #33/259

A 32 yr old mother placed 1st with a  19:06 time.  She didn’t stick around for awards because she had to take her child to t ball practice. 

Lynn finished at 20:45.  She came over to congratulate me on my fast start and compliment my form.  Those words meant a lot coming from someone with so much pizazz.   Lynn runs marathons also, so 5k isn’t her only specialty.

I needed this PR as a confidence booster and to remind myself that I am fast.  I can and will get faster.   I plan to transfer this speed to a faster pace in the longer distances. 
Speed work, hill work, more weights, cleaner eating, continuing to spin, yoga and plenty of rest is the regimen I will follow. 

TEAM 413!


About Kelsie Lou

Therapeutic Foster Parent, Teacher, and Runner who believes that life is what you make it. Envision, Empower, and Educate.
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15 Responses to St.Matthews Street Festival 5k Recap

  1. cardamone5 says:

    Congrats, KelsieLou! So happy for you! You look great!



  2. piratebobcat says:

    Nice Job! Congrats! I’m hoping to PR a 10k next weekend. We’ll see!


  3. You are amazing. I dream of being that fast…but these little legs just don’t fire like that. i try. Forget speed work, girl…you got that down. Endurance…that’s the key to longer runs! 😀 You are an inspiration. If you could pass some of that speed on to me…I’d be in heaven.


  4. Holy crap woman you are fast! Nice job!!


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