To Be Or Not To Be?

RnRStL Marathon Training Week 4

Juicing is continuing to be a constant in my nutritional needs.  My friend Brandi has been generous with bringing me the largest cucumbers from her harvest. 


One of those mama jammas will yield almost 2 cups.  Compare that to a store bought cucumber which only yields 1/4 cup of juice. 

I added a few carrots and a fist sized beet for blood pumping nitrates.  Brandi keeps me stocked in squash, zucchini and a hybrid of both which I love to casserole.

Healthy Eating + Good Rest = Strong Performance!

I’m pulling some sub 8:00 pace training runs for my midweek 5-6 milers.  This energy transfered to a great long run with Karen and Matt.


Karen was on her way to Detroit for a Queen concert.  Matt is training for the Lehigh Valley Marathon on September 7th.  He is hoping to reduce his Boston qualifying time earned at the Flying Pig to have a better chance on a 2015 entry. 

My day continued with welcoming my next foster placement for an overnight visit.  We went to Central Park to watch a performance of Hamlet.  


Afterwards, we headed to the location of the largest twin spires in Louisville located at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.
It was the last day of their picnic and Whitney won two plants and two cakes.


On Sunday, we concluded our visit with a Lascito Coro concert at the Ursuline Arts Center.  

They performed selections from Dance On My Heart, Esto Les Digo, Hodu, and I’m Goin’ Up Yonder to name a few.

Overall, the week was positive and productive.  That was the decision I made.  To BE!

💖 KelsieLou💖

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12 Responses to To Be Or Not To Be?

  1. Great job! Have a good week!


  2. You are awesome!! I love running with you!! I am once again going to throw out there to remember to keep running fun…because that’s how I BQ’d. AND…remember that every run doesn’t have to be done full-tilt and all out. That’s a good way to get injured. Easy run days are meant for an easy pace…

    But I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Just want to get you to that starting line healthy and ready!! 😀


    • KelsieLou says:

      You have been a great friend, training partner, and incredibly motivating to me and others around you.

      Being a Virgo you know how we are once we lock in a goal. We’re determined and loyal until we reach it!


      • Heck yeah, we are!! That’s just the way Virgo’s are. I have taken it upon myself, though, to make sure you get to that starting line without injury, fatigue, and all that…because I’m your friend and I want you to succeed. That’s why I said I was just throwing that out there. 😀 You are a fantastic runner…and your speed inspires me. I hope to one day channel your speed myself and get my 5K goal.


  3. piratebobcat says:

    Looks like a great week! I love the little mascot y’all have. Nice job on your runs!


  4. runsaltrun says:

    What a great week and that is a PHENOMENAL pace! I love that picture of you guys and I’m jealous of the fact your friend got to go to a Queen concert (and that the other is trying to reduce his BQ time…that’s an issue I wish I had!)


    • KelsieLou says:

      Thanks Salt! I can’t wait to see what pace I can average when I get to those 15+ milers.

      These times are a major improvement from last year’s 9-9:15 pace.


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