Louisville Hike, Bike & Paddle

The weather in Louisville cooperated  for another successful Hike, Bike and Paddle to promote healthy lifestyles. 

On Memorial Day I focused on the bike portion.  The bike has a new home in Michigan with my nephew Pharrell.  I wasn’t riding it and this neat freak can’t function with clutter. 


Louisville Hike, Bike & Paddle

Upon my arrival, the Zumba music instantly grabbed my attention!


With the knee injury I have not run in 2 weeks.  I refuse to be static so the hike was just what I needed.  My Garmin registered just over 2.5 miles for the course. 

The Hike route was along the Ohio River towards the Belvedere.  I had the pleasure of heckling some Miami fans to return the hospitality of the Russell Athletic Bowl last year.

We circled around Main Street passing one of my favorite landmarks.


Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

We made our way towards the finish area at Waterfront Park. 

I saw on the news how three locations of Southeast Christian Church were having a Family Palooza. 

Since we were already downtown, it was easy to cross the bridge and visit the Indiana campus.  They were serving grilled food for $1.  Easy lunch plans!  We enjoyed the photo booth, food and animals.  


SE Christian Family Palooza

It was fun to be active with out having to worry about packet pick up, bib placement, parking, hydration belts and everything else that goes along with racing.


Live A Little

I miss consistent running and I will be back in due time, glowing in my Nike Flash jacket for the fall temps. 

If you can’t run, pick one:  jog, hike, bike, paddle, yoga, stretch, swim, dance, walk, pilates, spin, strengthen, meditate, and be well!  Don’t let anything get you down!  New day = new opportunities!


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4 Responses to Louisville Hike, Bike & Paddle

  1. Anonymous says:

    Fun, fun. So glad you are enjoying life!


  2. Looking good, lady!! I miss you. I hope we are both back to some easy…easy runs soon.


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