Kentucky Derby Marathon Training

Training for my 2nd marathon has come with its ups and downs.  I’ve had some great training runs and some barely making it runs.  The only goal I have for the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon is to finish strong.  In order to finish strong I have to train smart which includes:

•  Listening to my body. 
•  Slower pace on long runs.
•  Proper hydration and nutrition.
•  Not beating myself up over missed workouts.  
•  Icing my left knee as a precaution.  (The same knee that made me pull out from St. Louis RNR Marathon training.)
•  A positive attitude.


I’m in what I call “the meat” of training where I max out on mileage before the taper.  

The Norton Healthcare Training Program has been vital to me making it through the last two months.  Dan Delph is the training coordinator and he sets up the routes for the half and full marathon trainees.  He’s good with the photos too!


Dan arrives early to place signs and water stops.  There are always goodies for us at the end of our long runs. 


I’ve learned some new routes from training with Norton Healthcare.  We did an 11 miler at Beckley Creek Park on Valentine’s Day.  We started in the area called “The Egg” visible from I-64 East and ran towards an entry by Valhalla Golf Course.


I recall seeing mile markers in the 70 mile range for the Louisville Loop.  The route took us to an area called the Great Wall, and before I knew it I was at Taylorsville Road.  Beckley Creek Park is beautiful.  The only drawback is the concrete pathway in some areas.  I could feel the difference on my knees compared to asphalt.


My stomach was giving me issues the entire Beckley Creek run.  It turned out to be a stomach virus that kept me on the couch for 3 days.

Another route we have run is from the levy at the Falls of the Ohio State Park in Indiana to Louisville and back.  I like this route because I get to run on parts of the marathon course.  Southern Parkway is one of my favorite stretches of road.


On Tuesdays our group alternates between Iroquois Park and Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park for hill repeats.  I have done those bad boys in the rain and in freezing temperatures.  Hill training is doing wonders for my fitness level. 


This is something I plan to continue beyond this training cycle.  The good part about Iroquois is being on the KY Derby Marathon route.  I imagine how I will feel seeing the 14 mile marker and knowing I still have 12.2 left on April 25th.


One of my co-workers joined us on the Iroquois Hill repeats.  Now she’s hiking to the top.  Sometimes all it takes is a little exposure to open someone up to a new hobby.  The Louisville Park system is a jewel and I love to see people outside enjoying life.

Speaking of work, another huge blessing for marathon training is being able to run at my job.  Our campus is a 2 mile loop with rolling hills in some areas.  I run with another co-worker who is a 50 state half marathoner and a student with college football ambitions.  There are some days where I could not have made it without them. 

I have noticed an increase in the number of students outside running.   It all ties in with our facility’s H.E.A.L.S. initiative and promoted by a 3-D bulletin board I did this week.


My most recent long run was 17 miles on the Seneca/Cherokee Park Loop.  This run came after being off for 10 days battling the Flu.  This was my first time getting the flu bug, and I took my time resting until all the symptoms subsided. 


In the midst of everything that has been going on was the Chris Brown and Trey Songz Between The Sheets Tour stop in Cincinnati.  I wasn’t really up to partying after news about my nephew.  I made the most of it for the young ladies I was chaperoning. 






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Therapeutic Foster Parent, Teacher, and Runner who believes that life is what you make it. Envision, Empower, and Educate.
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2 Responses to Kentucky Derby Marathon Training

  1. charissarunning says:

    Yay for marathon training! Sounds like you are doing a great job of following your to-do list and listening to your body. Hope you enjoy the rest of your training and taper time and finish strong at the marathon 🙂


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