Never a Dull Moment as a Teacher, Marathoner, and Foster Parent

For the last two months, I have been going non-stop and barely taking a second to pause and collect my thoughts for a blog post.


New Job: One day out the blue, I received a call to interview for a Health Education and Health Careers teaching position at a middle school.  I went in expecting nothing, but I was thrilled to see that it was a good fit for me to teach in a Title I school.


It was heartbreaking to leave my previous teaching position of almost a decade. I cried at the outpouring of support and well wishes.  Emotions hit hard when I walked out my classroom and turned to look at the room one last time.  I had taken my last run around the campus a couple of days prior.  My wish is that I left a lasting impression on the staff and Smootents about the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

To celebrate my new job, my friend took me to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center and to Ruth’s Chris. The most striking exhibit was Kin Killin’ Kin which focused on human beings taking the lives of other human beings.

Kin Killin Kin

Marathon Training: Speaking of Cincinnati, I have chosen The Flying Pig as my third marathon.  It falls the day after the KY Derby Marathon which enables me to follow the Norton Sports Health Plan again.

kelsie and karen 2-20-16

Karen and I after a Saturday long run around Seneca, Cherokee and Beargrass Creek Trail.


I ran a BQ time last year off this plan and remained injury free. The only difference is this year’s plan has added mileage on the hill repeat sessions and less mileage on the day after.  Regardless, I am feeling strong and confident.


#Goals: Running and swimming come natural to me.  Strength conditioning is my weakness mainly because if I’m not at the YMCA, I don’t lift weights.  All my life I have never been able to do a pull up.  Now, I am making progress and using the assisted pull up machine to help build my upper body strength.

Assisted Pull-ups

No Travel: My Mom and I had to cancel our Vegas trip for February.  I didn’t want to take off so soon after starting my new job.  We lost out on our Mariah Carey tickets, flight tickets, and I couldn’t run the Red Rock Canyon Half.  It was worth the sacrifice.

Multiple Hats: I was offered a coaching position at my school for Track and Field.  Due to my training and foster parent case management meetings/therapy, I offered to help part time as the assistant coach.  It’s another way to give back and have that full circle moment from being coached by Betty Robinson with Motor City Track Club 30 years ago to becoming a coach.  It’s crazy how some of her techniques still replay in my head when I run.

Movin’ on Up: In the midst of all these positive stressors, I have sealed a deal on a new house.  I hope to close within 30 days.


Overall, this is a lot to take on at once. This is why I run.  It remains a constant while everything else changes.  I need retreat time to zone out and sort through my thoughts and dreams.



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3 Responses to Never a Dull Moment as a Teacher, Marathoner, and Foster Parent

  1. You are one of the strongest, persistent, amazing runners I know. And people. I’m proud to be your friend. You inspire me. I was told by my PT to start doing strength training. UGH. I have no clue when it comes to weights.


    • KelsieLou says:

      Strength training is time consuming, but great is the reward. It is especially beneficial to women as we age and lose bone mass.

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      • Yes…and I have to watch that for a couple of reasons…the most important being that my mom has osteoporosis…has the bone mass of a 90 year old woman…and once had her ribs broken when my sister hugged her. She broke her leg just walking. The thing is…I don’t know how to lift weights properly…what my form should be…how to use machines (even with diagrams, LOL)…or if I am lifting enough or too much…how many reps…it’s foreign to this noodley-armed wimpy girl.


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