Marathon Training is Taking a Back Seat

These days marathon training is no big deal. I have a plan and I have to execute.  Simple as that.  I’ve grown more comfortable with doing my long runs alone and without music.  I am able to maximize my day with getting a jump start on miles instead of waiting until the group starts at 8 a.m. on Saturdays.  My hill repeats are finished and I am home by the time the Tuesday group starts at 6 p.m.

Flying Pig training peaks with two 20 milers over the next three weeks. I am a little nervous because my right knee has been giving me some issues.  I would hate to pull out the marathon this late in the game.  All the hard work I have put in since January better go towards something!  If I need to increase my pace, I will adjust accordingly.

Speaking of adjustments, I had to break my mileage down into four 8 mile runs last week so I could attend the fifth stop of Rihanna’s ANTI Tour in Cincinnati.

Rihanna Anti Tour CincinnatiRihanna Anti Tour 2016Rihanna Anti Tour StayRihanna Cincinnati  2016Rihanna ConcertRihanna Tour Flying Bridge

The show was worth the wait with the flying bridge and untypical bare white stage.  Hopefully, I will be back in Cincinnati for the Flying Pig in 6 more weeks!

In addition to being a loyal Rihanna fan, I am a Great Aunt again with this bundle of joy:

JS resized-11

On the job front, I had the pleasure of judging our school’s talent show alongside WLKY’s Ann Bowdan. All the participants did a fantastic job.

I have also been helping out with the track team. I will be glad when training is over so I can balance my time with the team more.  I am loving my new teaching job and all the perks that come along with it.  I put my all into every lesson for every Smootent.  I received an award for perfect attendance and I am on track to get another one for March.

Finally, I can’t make all this happen without some good meals. I was able to meet up with my former coworkers, Chad and Brandi after a rainy 18 miler a couple weeks ago.  Brandi and her husband did not care for the spicy Indian food.  We laughed the entire dinner.

kelsie brandi chad shalimar Louisville  (1)

Recently, I went to Ruth’s Chris. I don’t eat a lot of red meat when training.  The stuffed chicken is right up there with their steaks as far as flavor. Can’t forget the desserts…stressed spelled backwards.

Ruth's chris stuffed chicken

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16 Responses to Marathon Training is Taking a Back Seat

  1. Mitch says:

    Do you think the bounce of your feet and knees and joints on the hard concrete will eventually lead to wear and tear?

    Also, what’s the lowest you’ve run without stopping? Do you carry water with you when you run?

    When you aren’t running, do you keep a pacer on to denote the distance or steps you’ve taken?


    • KelsieLou says:

      Yes, running is hard on the joints. I try to run on asphalt instead of concrete as much as possible. Treadmills are even worse for me, but don’t seem to bother other runners.

      I swim once a week to give my body a break. I also switch out shoes as that can cause injury too. I am running in a new style of shoe and I have questioned if that may be the cause of the knee pain.

      I run with a fuel belt for longer runs and I carry gels for electrolytes and powerade.

      I don’t count steps but I am on my feet all day teaching. I wear comfortable shoes such as air max or asics to relieve any stress on my feet.


      • “Treadmills are even worse for me, but don’t seem to bother other runners.”

        EVERY single one of my aches and pains and injuries…I can pretty much tie back to treadmills. I hate them. They are sometimes a necessary evil…but if avoidable…I stay away.


        • KelsieLou says:

          I have a hard time going over 5 or 6 miles on treadmills. After 4 miles at a much slower pace than I run outside, I can feel blisters forming. I’ve tried everything from socks to vaseline. I read some runners posts about getting in 10 milers. I wouldn’t even attempt that on the ‘mill.


  2. Do you think the bounce of your feet and knees and joints on the hard concrete will eventually lead to wear and tear?

    Also, what’s the lowest you’ve run without stopping? Do you carry water with you when you run?

    When you aren’t running, do you keep a pacer on to denote the distance or steps you’ve taken?


  3. Girl…I know how you feel. I really do.

    I don’t know what your goals are for Flying Pig…but I remember you had told me that you were just going to go out there and have fun, enjoy the run, and all that. If that is still the ultimate goal, then you have nothing to worry about!!

    I hate when the body starts to break down before the mind does. You’re so consistent in your training and way better at pacing yourself than I am (I often think I’m running much slower than I am…but it *feels* easy, and being by myself and NOT being in the habit of checking my pace on my watch…makes it harder to be right where I need to be training pace-wise). I sort of miss the group runs that would reign in my speed, back when you were training for Marine Corps and me for Chicago. Those longer runs at a much more deliberate pace were perfect, and doing them with people, for me, is a nice change of pace, as all my other running is done on my own. I love to move with people and go the extra mile with others on those longer paced days.

    Next time you want some Indian food, holler at me. I’ve been craving, and we all know Shalimar is my place. They’ll have my order written down as we’re being seated, LOL!

    The Rhianna concert sounds awesome. LOVE her stuff. And LOVE your fashion. Your hair looks amazing!! How fun. Sounds like you are enjoying yourself.

    And congrats on the new addition to the family too. What a sweetheart.

    Ultimately…you take care of you…listen to that body…and heal. I miss running with you. I know you like to get out there and get it done, but it’s been weird not seeing you and getting to run with you.

    Whatever happens, best of luck. I know you’ll do amazing and awesome things at the Pig.


    • KelsieLou says:

      No goals for PIG other than to finish. I haven’t done any speed work, but you know from my Daily Mile logs that it comes natural when I feel like movin’.
      Thank for all the compliments and well wishes! I have Run the Bluegrass in 2 weeks!

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      • E. H. Freman says:

        Run the bluegrass is great hill training for the pig. 🙂


        • KelsieLou says:

          I’ve put the Bluegrass on hold for two years. I can’t wait to experience the course.


          • E. H. Freman says:

            I hope it’s warmer this year than last years…. Even so, it was such a beautiful course…and all the horses were out. It beat my legs up, but it was so much fun. Stronger friendships forged in misery, I guess… Because the collection of people around me during that one all got really tight with each other pretty quickly


  4. E. H. Freman says:

    This was a big week!

    I found that when I start to feel the “runners knee” pangs, using the foam roller on my hamstring always relieved that and kept it from getting worse. It wouldn’t hurt to try! I can’t wait to see you back up in the area for this wonderful race! It’s such a great one.


  5. out of all your pics….

    the black is you!

    it looks great on ya!

    No bs👍


  6. Kelsie Lou says:

    Thank you Chris!🖤All black everything!


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