Spring Fever!

This is the part when marathon training gets hectic and here’s why:

1.  Three more days until Spring Break.  As a teacher this translates into coming up with the most creative lesson plans to keep the students engaged and on task.  It is especially challenging following the day after Easter.

Spring Break

2.  Marathon training is coming to a peak.  I went out for 20 miles this past Saturday.  The group was not meeting due to the Papa John’s 10 Miler.  At the last minute I decided to run the race course and loop it twice for my 20.  I noticed a few other people doing the same thing.

I got in where I fit in about 5 minutes after the official start.  I was so late that I heard the DJ warning runners that the starting line was going to get pulled up soon.  I ran around the timing mats since I was not a registered runner.

My pace was a little slower than normal due to taking it easy on my knee.  It felt tight at times but I had enough distractions around me as I passed a lot of walkers.  It appeared that there were more walkers than runners.  On my 2nd loop I saw the police directing people onto the sidewalks because Southern Parkway was being reopened.

I craved everything from corned beef and cabbage to pizza and bananas during my 20 mile trek. I had technical difficulties when my Garmin shut off for an unknown time.  I am sure I went over 20 miles by a block or two.

3.  March Madness.  I haven’t had a chance to follow college basketball as much as I would like.  Heck, I barely get to watch TV.  While I spent 3 hours of my life running,  I thought it would be nice to treat my parents to the NCAA South Regional Elite 8 game with Kansas vs. Villanova.  My Dad decided to keep his front row seat at home.

Elite 8 South NCAA BasketballIt was a cool experience to be in an atmosphere of mostly Kansas fans who were overshadowed when “Nova”fans rooted for their spot to the Final Four.

Villanova vs KansasElite 8 South Louisville 2016In conclusion, I am taking it one day at a time as far as training and teaching goes.  I have three more Saturdays to sacrifice for long runs.  I’m ready to take the summer off…”all Summer Sixteen” as Drake would say.


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