Flying Pig Marathon Training Update

The end of Spring Break in Louisville felt like Michigan in January.  I could not believe I was dressing in layers with hand warmers for my longest training run of 22 miles in April.

Kelsie smoot group run seneca park

Norton Sports Health Training Group


I ran with the group who varied between half and full marathoners running anything between 10-22 miles.  The 22 miler required a double loop of the Seneca, Cherokee, Bear Grass Creek parks and trails.  I consumed 3 GUs with water and both of my containers of PowerAde.  I’ve learned that restoring electrolytes goes a long way for energy and recovery.

Kelsie Smoot 22 mile run

Despite the cold and windy weather, I was still soaked. 


I had to run past the turn around to make sure I got in my mileage.  There is an overpass along Spring Street just North of Locust Street that has pigs painted on it.  I thought about the link between Louisville and Cincinnati and the pig butchering business.  I was glad I was not smelling any hogs.

Bourbon Ball Donuts

Hold the pork.  Pass the bourbon ball donuts.  Totally worth the trip at 5 a.m. for a half dozen.  Available for a limited time at Thorntons.

Based on how well I felt after the 22 miler, I decided to go ahead and register for the Flying Pig Marathon.  My hotel has been booked for weeks.  I can always cancel a room, but those race fees go down the drain in most cases if you don’t show.

I have one more day of hill repeat training and the rest is pretty easy compared to how far I have come since January.  I am very grateful to the Norton Sports Health training program!

Kelsie smoot 15 mile run louisville

15 mile training run 3/5/16 from Falls of the Ohio to Southern Parkway.  Photo taken by Dan ( Norton training coordinator)

Lastly, Run the Bluegrass posted free download photos right after my RTB recap.  Here is a shot of me after I crossed the finish line:


Another great feature of Run The Bluegrass is FREE race photos!




Well, that sums up everything for now. Spring Break was rejuvenating.  I am back to being called “Ms. Smoot” from 140 Smootents.  Good news came from the bank to schedule a closing on my house this Friday.  Saturday is looking like a 12 miler and moving at the same dang time, but I got this!


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4 Responses to Flying Pig Marathon Training Update

  1. Yay!! You will be as amazing as always at The Pig. I can feel it. You looked so strong and awesome on Saturday as I was rounding up the last few of my piddly 12 miler. Good luck.


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