Summer Off To A Great Start!

My youngest brother Brad came in town from Milwaukee, WI to spend time with the family.  I made everyone tag along with me to Lowes which has become my new spot as I make upgrades and cosmetic changes to my recently purchased home.  I like taking my time in Lowes just in case someone from HGTV jumps out offering a gourmet kitchen or backyard oasis remodel.

The Smoots_1465069949286

Big Phil on standby for that military discount!

Brad took us to Buca Di Beppo where we sat in the best seat in the house located in the kitchen.  We had a great time laughing with the chefs and waiters as they prepared dishes.  Afterwards, I helped my foster daughter with her dog walking job to burn off some calories.

On Memorial Day, I took the girls to the Hike, Bike and Paddle event hosted by Mayor Greg Fischer.  I’ve done the Hike and Bike portions in previous years, but this year I wanted to paddle and hike.

summer 16_1465069948613

First time canoeing in the Ohio River.

Louisville mayor's hike bike paddle_1465069949048

We paddled from the Great Lawn to the Big Four Bridge and back.  We finished just in time to start the 3 mile hike.

I saved the Bike portion for a toy with a little more power than a road bike.  I’ve had my Motorcycle Instructional Permit for a while.  I just need to take the road test to make it official.

can am spyder f3 sport _1465069948884

2015 Can Am Spyder F3 Sport

On June 1st, we celebrated Global Running Day in the Highlands with Fleet Feet Sports Store and Dan from Norton Sports Health.

Global Running Day Fleet Feet

4 miles in 90 degree temps.

I woke up this morning to news that Muhammad Ali passed away.  His legacy gave me that extra motivation to run 10 miles knowing that he also ran on these streets of Louisville.  The girls and I placed balloons and flowers at the Ali Center’s makeshift memorial. I wanted them to experience history in the making as we reflected on his six core principles.

Muhammad Ali Memorial Louisville KY

Remembering Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Remembered

Honoring “The Greatest” with mental and physical toughness.  Photo taken by Greg Reese with Videos Images Pictures DCC of Cincinnati, OH.

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4 Responses to Summer Off To A Great Start!

  1. Anonymous says:

    My daughter is a tornado on two feet. Her positive attitude and love of life helps to keep me balanced in my old age. She tells me all the time to be positive and don’t stress. My daughter you are doing a great job enjoying and living your life to its fullest by making wise decisions.


  2. What a great start to the summer, indeed!! First of all…chef’s tables are the best. I didn’t even know that Buca Di Beppo had one. VERY COOL. I did a chef’s table at Napa Rose at Disneyland back in 2013, and then did one at Rye here in Louisville (if you haven’t gone to Rye…go!) back in 2014. LOVE watching the kitchen work. It’s a dream of mine to own my own restaurant one day.

    I had wanted to do the Fleet Feet National Running Day run, but was meeting with my sports nutritionist that night. I’ve been having some problems, so the meeting was definitely more important. Looks like a blast though.

    Thirdly…WOW. Look at you on that motorcycle. You’re brave. Convertibles make me nervous. Hell, my road bike makes me nervous, LOL!

    Let’s make plans to meet up for some Indian food. Been dying to catch up with you.


    • KelsieLou says:

      Learn something new everyday…I didn’t know you had dreams to own a restaurant. People would be able to eat off the floor because I know how meticulous us Virgos can be.
      The bike is a thrill ride requiring a lot of safety and awareness. I’m still learning and building confidence during non peak traffic times and areas.
      I’ll call you to set up something for Indian food.

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