Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration

The Black Expo in Indianapolis, IN is a celebration of African American culture.  Underserved communities have a one stop shop with over $2,000 worth of free health screenings, job applications, voter registration and supporting black owned businesses.

Indy Black Expo Convention Center

Being in Indianapolis is like a homecoming for me.  From the ages of 17 to 23, I lived in Fort Wayne, IN while I earned my B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Indiana Tech.  After my first interview, I was hired as an Industrial Engineer at Ashley Industrial Molding, INC.  There was not much to do in Fort Wayne, so the short drive to “Nap” was where most of the entertainment was.

Downtown Indianapolis

The first Black Expo I attended was in 2001, when Alicia Keys and Jill Scott emerged as new artists.  It was also the time I fell in love with Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse after looking for a place to eat dinner.  From the sidewalk, I admired the fancy table settings and décor, not knowing what those menu prices were looking like.  My brother Jason said, “Never let Kelsie pick the restaurant again.”  That’s OK, because I’m still picky.

Fast forward to 2018.  It’s time to pass the torch to the next generation.  My foster daughter Brandy, and Savannah whom I have provided respite care for over the last two years got to experience their first Black Expo.

Brandy is entering her senior year, so we hit up all the college booths first.  I wanted her to practice speaking with people about her career goals.  She and Savannah enjoyed the STEM projects provided by Cummins.

Black Expo Cummins STEM

Cummins STEM engine

IU Indy Black Expo

“Royalty Lives in Your Blood”

Indy Black Expo Royalty Stage

Indy Black Expo Queens

Cultural Arts Gallery

Indy Black Expo Art Exhibit

ArthenticFit Indy Black Expo

Indy Expo Cultural Arts Pavilion

Indy Black Expo ArthenticFit

Indy Black Expo Cultural Arts

Indy Black Expo Art

Indianapolis Black Expo Art

New Jack Swing Concert

New Jack Swing Concert Indy Black Expo


I wanted the girls to meet my Mentor, Steven E. Babcock.  Steve is my go to for financial, career, and relationship advice.  I admire him for his 43 years as a Federal Mediator.  His talents are irreplaceable as he mediates cases across the U.S. and in Europe.  On top of that, Steve is a real estate investor with eight properties ranging from single family homes to triplexes where he mainly rents to people needing a second chance.

Steven E. Babcock Indianapolis

Speaking of #GOALS, my little brother Brad purchased a home just outside of Indianapolis.  I had to pull up on him and check out his renovations.  I’m proud of my Army Vet brother and his accomplishments.Bradford Smoot Kelsie Smoot

Kelsie Lou

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8 Responses to Indiana Black Expo Summer Celebration

  1. Wow, the artwork you shared is incredible. I love the colors, as well as how the portraits are life-like and abstract at the same time. There’s some incredible talent in IN! Also, tell your brother congrats on his house! That really is a big step. I know there’s a lot of work that goes into owning a house, but I imagine it must be incredibly nice to not have to deal with shifty land lords.


    • Kelsie Lou says:

      Hey Josh,

      Yes, I would definitely say I had a greater appreciation of the art work now more so than I did in ’01.

      My brother is happy to be settled in Indiana after living in freezing cold Buffalo, NY and Milwaukee.

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  2. As always Kelsie, nice post. Love the celebration. Amazed that you are a foster mom. And of those who are high school, college bound.


  3. Beautiful congrats on your degree! Again you’ve made it to the finish line.


  4. Don’t know how I missed this share. What a big excitement!


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