Spring Break: By Land, By Sea, By Air

Beach Cruisin’

I took my Mom to get a beach cruiser bike. This will give her another fitness option in addition to walking and swimming. My Mom has a few more weeks before she can ride due to another back surgery. Regardless of her circumstances my Mom always knows how to stay on balance.

18 Wheelin’

I got the ultimate “Pull Up” from a special someone. It was so thoughtful for him to route his job to visit me. We took a ride in his huge cabin to Plant City to get cargo that was going to Syracuse, NY.

Bisou, Bisou!

Chain of Lakes

Winter Haven, Florida has 24 lakes that are connected by canals. My parents and I took a pontoon cruise around lakes Lulu, Shipp, and Eloise.

My Jewels, Phillip Sr. and Alice Smoot.
The Smoots

Lake Eloise is the water ski capital of the world. There are water ski shows that are performed at the site of Legoland, formally known as Cypress Gardens.

Legoland Pirate Ski Show area, Legoland Coaster, Tiny island used to shoot scenes on Giligan’s Island, The Florida-shaped pool used by Ester Williams.

These are a few of the beautiful lakeside homes around Lake Eloise:

Lake Eloise Homes

Sand Key Park

Being centrally located, I have the choice between Daytona Beach or Clearwater Beach. My Mom’s dentist told her about a low-key area called Sand Key Park just south of Clearwater. I am so glad we took her advice to avoid the Spring Break crowds.

Me and Mom. Ocean air without a care.

Sand Key Park has all day parking for $5 with plenty of spaces.  This area is for people who want a laid back beach experience without water sport rentals and pirate ship cruises.  Sand Key has umbrella and cabana rentals for $25 and there are two food trucks. 

Same ocean, less crowds as Clearwater.

The weather was a perfect 78°, with no humidity.  I took a 4.5 mile walk on the nature trail to Gulf Blvd.  I re-entered the beach through an access by some condos and kept walking South.  I was amazed to see how empty Sand Key was during the peak Spring Break season. I was a mile from Belleaire Beach when I walked back with Pier 60 in my view.

Sand Key Beach

Lakeland Sun’n Fun 5K

Lakeland has a strong running community with great races. The Sun ‘n Fun 5K course was very unique. I’ve run on the Indy 500 track, Churchill Downs infields, and football stadiums, but never on an airport runway.

Lakeland Linder Regional Airport

For my 5K results, I placed 4th place in my age group with five seconds away from getting a medal. I’ve been eating too many crepes and calzones, I guess. I placed 19/280 in the women’s division, and 59/476 overall .

The 5K was one of the many events for Lakeland’s annual air show. Five U.S. Navy Blue Angels flanked the starting line.

It was a foggy morning that turned into blue skies just in time for the hot air balloon race.

The tragic death of Nipsey Hussle occured during this trip. I’ve had Victory Lap on repeat ever since. His life and legacy sparked my spirit to be a better person.

R.I.P. Nipsey. The Marathon Continues 🏁…

KelsieLou 💕

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6 Responses to Spring Break: By Land, By Sea, By Air

  1. John says:

    So that’s where Gilligan’s Island was filmed! I lived in Dunedin in the 1990’s, was a nice time. I do miss the area but the loss of a car and home back then due to storms has kept me away. That’s a sweet beach cruiser you got for your mother! It seems silly to rename Cypress Gardens, a classy name to Lego Land. A children’s toy… What?


    • Kelsie Lou says:

      Yup for some of the scenes. Isn’t that neat!
      Wow, you were right on the coast. I haven’t been to Dunedin, but Tarpon Springs is one of my favorite spots.
      Legoland is always expanding, but it seems like they have not kept up the property like they said they would according to people who have lived there during the transition. The Florida pool looks nothing like it did back in the day.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Your mom and dad thank you so much for being such a lovely and devoted daughter.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. You guys look great!!!!


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