Toronto Street Art: Graffiti Alley

Kelsie Smoot Graffiti Alley Toronto

Kelsie Lou

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Teacher on the move.
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7 Responses to Toronto Street Art: Graffiti Alley

  1. I have gorgeous friends!!


  2. Lee Cleaver says:

    That’s one cool alley…and…one cool method man mural!

    Rocking the Fila…old school…love it πŸ˜‚

    It’s funny….I was online before looking for some new hoodies with the weather changing.

    A Fila one came up…and most definitely had to get it!

    Thanks for the post…it…really captures the vibrancy of life!

    Hope you are having an amazing day πŸ‘Š



    • Kelsie Lou says:

      I see you pay attention to details. I’m just now realizing that is Method Man below the R.I.P.

      One of my 8th graders showed me the Fila sandals and I had to get them.

      Thanks for your positive energy. Stay up in life!!

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      • Lee Cleaver says:

        Why thank you very much.

        I thought it was also quite touching how whoever had retagged the wall to do the method man…had still left the RIP and the name of the person on.

        Thanks…I will do.

        Have the greatest night ever ✌️❀️

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