Thankful for Miles

My Mom had a 48 hour notice about the Lake Wales YMCA Turkey Trot. I gave her the option to participate based on how she felt on Thanksgiving morning. She said if it was too hot, she was not doing it.

The 8:00 a.m. start is later than what she is used to for her daily walks. The temperature was only 67Β° which is mild for Floridians.

For a smaller race, my goal was to place in my age group. I needed to push through because I was dealing with a sinus infection. I told my Mom I would complete my race, then go back and find her on the course.

I got a dose of my own medicine when a young lady hawked me down at the finish. I beat her crossing the line. I knew her chip time would come in faster because I started ahead of her. She beat me by a 10th of a second. I was 20/324 overall, 3rd place Female overall, and 1st place Masters Female.

Next, I had to walk towards the lake to get my Mom. The rising sun and 97% humidity was making it difficult. We walked the last mile together. I stepped aside so she could own her moment of running across the finish line.

Alice Smoot completing a 5k at age 75.
AKAs running circles around you
Kelsie Smoot 1st Place Masters
Mom was 5/10 in her Age Group

I am thankful for a mother who exposed me to various sports in my youth. She drove me to the Eastside of Detroit to practice with the Motor City Track Club. I am thankful for my Dad’s genes. Phillip L. Smoot Sr. was the captain of the Scott High (Madison, WV) basketball team, team MVP, and averaged 20 points his senior year in 1962.

Forever thankful for my parents and enjoying the views of their retirements:

🌞Kelsie Lou🌞

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