Santa’s πŸŽ… Run for our Kids 5K

Santa’s Run for our Kids

Winter Haven, Florida

December 21, 2019

I was on the first thing smokin’ outta Louisville for Winter Break. My Mom and I were on a mission to compete in another 5K. The Christmas themed race is organized by the Winter Haven Optimist Club. I had the option of running a 10K, but I was not waking up at the break of dawn for a 7 am starting time.

I knew the course route from running the 10K a few years ago and placing 2nd place female overall. The race plan was the same as the Turkey Trot; race hard then go back and help my Mom finish.

The 6:00 miler racers took the lead as I settled into my happy pace. I was alone for a half mile until I heard jingle bells. I knew that meant competition. Game on!

Just as I expected, there was a lady making me put in work. She played it smart by using me as her pacer and staying a stride behind me. I made my mind up that if she passed me, I would get her at the finish. We hit 1.5 miles, both bypassing the water stop. She made her move and lead by about 5 strides. With less than a half mile to go, she stopped for whatever reason. I made my way to finish 2nd place female overall.

I was not happy with my time being 28 seconds slower than the Turkey Trot. We had some head wind, but the humidity was low and I felt fine health wise. Maybe the missing sprint at the end is what made my time slower.

Next, it was time to double back and get my Mom. She trimmed 1:30 off of her last 5K time and earned 1st place in her age group.

Mom finishing strong.
FITniche Sponsor awarding my Mom 1st place Age Group.
Finisher shirt, medal and Age Group Medal.

My brother, Brad flew in the next day. He hasn’t been on “The Blog” in a while. We had time to catch up argue on the drive to take my Mom and I to Port Canaveral.

One type A personality. One type B. Guess which is which.

My Dad has been behind the scenes also. He has lost a lot of weight as a complication from dementia. Unfortunately, he had a minor fall that resulted in a partial hip replacement the day after these photos were taken. Life happens. Embrace life and the people who matter the most.

Brad, Kelsie, Big Phil. I stay getting side eyed.

Merry Everything, Happy Every Day!

Kelsie Lou

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7 Responses to Santa’s πŸŽ… Run for our Kids 5K

  1. dethomp35 says:

    Merry Christmas n happy new year’s friend

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  2. Congratulations on kicking ass once again! You are amazing. Come teach me your famous finishing kick. I need lessons!!

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