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Doing the Most French Toast

1. Cut French bread into 1″ slices. 2. Soak in milk, egg, vanilla extract and brown sugar. 3. Brown toast in pan with butter until golden brown. 4. Make your own syrup with strawberries using butter and sugar. 5. Garnish … Continue reading

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Healthy Oatmeal “Cookies”

My Mom sent me this recipe she saw posted on Facebook: My Foster Daughter mixed the above ingredients with the addition of ground flaxseed.  The consistency was not as thick as we expected so she spread the mixture in a … Continue reading

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Special Delivery

What a wonderful day!  I pull up to work right behind my co-worker/friend.  We park right next to each other and she was blocking my exit with her passenger door wide open.  The impatient me almost said something slick like … Continue reading

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Happy Summer!

Most teachers have the benefit of having nice summer vacations.  I do not have that luxury due to teaching at a year round school.  Regardless of the schedule, I absolutely love my job!  Teaching is my fountain of youth.  My … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day isn’t as hyped up as Mother’s Day.  You don’t have the mad dash to church, the “every Kiss begins with K” commercials, or emails from 1-800-flowers guaranteeing on time delivery.  In fact, I saw a marquis at Rally’s … Continue reading

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