Life of a Sports Fanatic

So far, so good with the Trigger Point Needling procedure.  It felt good to loosen up in the pool with a medley of strokes, aqua jogging and 10 minutes in the sauna.


I wanted to do Yoga Saturday morning,  but I knew it would be a long night as  the family made our way to Cincinatti for the Adrien Broner vs. Emanuel Taylor fight.

First, we made a stop at Pappadeaux.  The atmosphere was lively with a lot of fight night crowd diners.  Between the four of us, we ate mozzarella cheese sticks, Tilapia Lafayette,  Chilean Sea Bass, Steak and chicken tenders.


I have a major sweet tooth and a sampling of the entire dessert tray as my entrée would have suited me just fine.

We made our way to the US Bank Arena, which was the most laid back, least restrictive venue I have ever attended.  We walked in with out showing tickets or having bags checked.


People watching was fun.  Mike Perez was earning his win as we got settled. 


The National Anthem was performed to kick off the Showtime televised fights.


The sweat was really about to start flying for the top three bouts.  The Berto fight was a 10 round yawner.


The Mattysse fight failed to live up to the hype due to the referee’s error.  He did not give a 10 count for Roberto Ortiz.  The bout was over in the 2nd round after a liver shot.  Ortiz stood up on “nueve.”  Their entrances lasted longer than the fight!  Booooooooo the Ref! 


Now it was time for the Main event.  I had the best view of Broner and his Cash Money entourage. 


Rich Homie Quan was feeling some type of way about a fan talking trash.  An amateur fight ensued while the pros hammered it out in the 1st round.


The entire arena was on edge to see if Taylor could solve “The Problem.”  At one point he pulled a Broner vs. Maidana move with a humping action.

Broner hit him with a left late in the 12th round which sent Taylor and his pride to the mat.


Sunday was very laid back as I watched Serena win her 18th Grand Slam Title.  I love to see people make power moves.

I will be on edge again for September 13th, as my favorite athlete, Floyd “Money” Mayweather tries to hold onto his undefeated record.  T.B.E.!!

Hard work.  Dedication.


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4 Responses to Life of a Sports Fanatic

  1. Anonymous says:

    Much love on the post of Diamond Star Russell. Feel free to check out her website


  2. piratebobcat says:

    Looks like you had fun! The other day our 5 year old asked if the exercises he did that day made his muscles bigger. He said he needs to get stronger so he can hit harder when he becomes a boxer. I told him he might not be allowed to be a boxer. Then he asked what else his job could be and how would he make money??? Haha


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