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Marine Corps Marathon Course Photos

It’s a good thing I took my own finisher photos the day after the marathon.   MarathonFoto sent me an email to purchase 15 blurry images for 79.99.  The price would be great if the photos were good quality.  I emailed … Continue reading

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Marathon Recovery Mode Day 1

I refused to leave the DMV area with out having photos by the Marine Corps War Memorial.  There were other MCM completers who had the same thing in mind.  One guy said he was so exhausted that he didn’t see … Continue reading

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Marine Corps Marathon

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!  I will try my best to do a good recap.  So many details, memories and lessons learned.  That’s why I broke this Marine Corps Marathon weekend down into smaller updates so bear with me on this one. Good … Continue reading

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Marine Corps Marathon Expo

MCM gets a big fat ‘F’ grade for the parking, organization, packet pick up and expo. Why didn’t they allow people to park in the lot across from the D.C. Armory that clearly was not full?  Mistake#1.  After combing the … Continue reading

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The Eve of Marathon Eve

Long day of travel from KY to MD.  Happy to have made it here safely.  My Dad did majority of the driving.   This allowed me time to kick my feet up on the dash, take selfies and browse the internet. … Continue reading

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Change is good!

I’m not talking about change in your pocket.  Change in habits and routine. This week I will be following the Hal Higdon Novice 2 week 18 as he suggests.  This means I had to get my cross training done on … Continue reading

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Last Week of Marathon Training

This morning began with a steady rain and temps only promising mid 50s for the high.  I sat around and waited for a break in the clouds so I could get going. I had a little attitude to be honest.  … Continue reading

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Must Have Accessory

I was exposed to Hippie Runner headbands when I attended my first race expo for the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon earlier this year. There was this friendly guy with a huge pile of every color and pattern imaginable headband.  I … Continue reading

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Marathon Gear Decisions

Now that the government shutdown is over and training is in taper mode, I can focus on the details of the marathon which are under my control. I did a test run in my race gear which will get some … Continue reading

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Healthy Oatmeal “Cookies”

My Mom sent me this recipe she saw posted on Facebook: My Foster Daughter mixed the above ingredients with the addition of ground flaxseed.  The consistency was not as thick as we expected so she spread the mixture in a … Continue reading

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