Official Results: Polar Bear Grand Prix

Polar Bear Grand Prix
After all the scoring was finalized there was an email sent with the official results. My name was still showing 2nd place age group for the 3.7 miler. I took the 2nd place medal in case I needed to exchange for 3rd place but the ladies told me I was the winner of the 2nd place spot. I don’t want anything that isn’t earned and rightfully mine so it was no big deal for me to extend the offer. The Fleet Feet staff admitted there was some confusion with the scoring but based on all the timings I was awarded:

Polar Bear Grand Prix Louisville

“Thank You” to Sternberg Automotive Group for a fun series of races. I look forward to 2013-2014 Grand Prix. These races definitely kept me conscious of my health and fitness level during the tough, holiday months.

Polar Bear Grand Prix

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