Physical Therapy for Meniscus Rehabilitation

Office visits and co-pays have come to an end with Physical Therapy.   My healing will continue at home and in the gym as I rebuild strength and confidence.

At times, I feel apprehensive about putting full weight on the left knee.  This is the first time I have ever been injured in a lifetime of sports participation.  It is vital I overcome my weaknesses so I can remain active.

These exercises are in heavy rotation:
1.)  Side leg lifts and single leg bridges. Ankle weight was added for more difficulty. I do 2 sets of 30 on each side.


2.)  Side steps with resistance band.  The strength comes from the follow foot, not the lead foot.  I do 3 laps of about 10 feet in length.


A trainer at the Y showed me how to work the same muscles with an ankle band.


3.)  Walk throughs are used to improve my running form. 


4.)  Single leg kick outs on the Pilates ball to engage the core.  Laughter is therapy too.


5.)  BOSU (BOth Sides Up) ball for strength and stability.  This exercise was added in the last week of P.T.  I’m still working on form.


6.)  Iliotibial band (IT Band) rolling.


7.)  The Elliptical machine is my new frenemy.  Mom and I did a quick warm up before Yoga class.  Cow, bear and moving clam were some new poses we learned.


8.)  One thing I will miss about P.T. is the Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim).  A bag of frozen peas will replace the fancy ice wrap.


A short term goal is to run a 5k in October.  I went out for an easy 4 miles over the weekend.  I varied running surfaces to pamper my knee.


“Tough times don’t last.  Tough people do.”
Floyd Mayweather

♡Kelsie Lou♡

About Kelsie Lou

Teacher on the move.
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9 Responses to Physical Therapy for Meniscus Rehabilitation

  1. You are so strong and you’ll come back. I’m in the midst of my third running injury. One a year, it seems. *sigh* It takes time to come back, but you’ll be stronger when you do. Heal, my friend. Let’s get together sometime soon. Have a belated birthday dinner or something.


  2. piratebobcat says:

    OK, I need to know who you keep looking at off camera…..or is that a mirror?


  3. Injuries like these can sometimes dilute an athletes career. Keep running and keep pushing! Give it time and attention to heal properly then get back in the game 110%


  4. mdpookie says:

    You look great in the pictures! Glad to hear you are on the mend!


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